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Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Thomas Cook Ind Ltd


I take the opportunity of this platform to get to the notice of this forum about lethargic way of maintaining the records by the Banks.
I the undersigned Rakesh Shah, had applied for Personal Loan from HDFC and ICICI with whom I have current loan on going without any discrepancy. For my surprise they came back to me by saying that my CBIL score is low then required, the report they have is that I have outstanding on my previous personal loan, which was with HDFC and last EMI was paid this yr in January.

Second point they have is of outstanding on SBI credit card, which is correct but at no fault of mine.

I was using the credit card of SBI way back in 2007, which i had cancelled and had sent them the card with the application for cancelling the same. At that time the outstanding was approx 20 to 22 thousand. I have the proof of the same.

They did not cancel the card and our the period they have added the penalty and interest on the amount and started calling me since last 1 yrs demanding the amount of 1.25 Lac. Not only this their recovery staff started calling my wife and ware threatening her over the phone and by visiting home without any prior notice. They were informed by self and by my wife to contact me only as i was no longer leaving at my home as I had to move to Pune for my work. My wife did update them with my contact numbers but they kept bothering my wife over the phone and by going home.

One fine day Ms. Mangal ( Bombay Office ( 022 61485209)one of their recovery executive called me up and got to my notice that they have agreed to flag of my name from CBIL if I pay the sum of Rs. 26600 in 2 parts which i agreed for.

The first part was paid in cash and the second was paid by chq ( ICICI BANK CHQ No. 254554 dated 28th.Apr 2012). The chq dated 28th. was deposited on 26th. which was returned by bank as no fund was available. If the chq would have been deposited on the said date it would have got cleared but with the intention of getting the chq bounced they did this and now they are asking for Rs.36000. Is this the correct way of collecting the money? Now because of this my CBIL score is being affected.

I would like to avail your help and assistance in the issue.

My mail id on which you may correspondence is [email protected] and ny cell no is 9545458501.

Waiting for your replay and to see your help in the above issue,

With best regards,

Rakesh Shah

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