cash the cheque in my a/c soon

Location/place: Maihar

Name of company/service: SBI – Branch Maihar

i have problem with sbi maihar.
cheque amount-22,310/-
cheque issued on-28/12/2011
cheque submitted on-20/03/2012
cheque issued from-LIC REWA

today is 14th june but they r not cash my cheque on my a/c in sbi.they says to me”i will cash soon don’t worry and come tommorow”.i go daily for this matter but result is nill from 4 months.during this problem,two accountent has changed but my problem did not solved by anyone.

accountent 1-D.P.Singh
accountent 2-S.M.jha

i have totally irritiated in this matter.i feel that something wrong with my money.i don’t know who did this.but i m in loss and trouble.

plzz solve this matter soon .
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