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Respected sir/ madam:

This is Ms. V.Lakshmiammal, Age:73, Sex: Female, policy number: P/700001/01/2019/048756, customer code: AA0008341069.

I was admitted in aakash hospital on 25/5/2019 on account of VIRAL FEVER .
my agent Mr.Ashok Kumar informed me that i will be able to claim the cash free insurance claim for my heart condition in the first policy and he did not mention my heart condition in the 2nd new reneval policy for my addmission in the hospital, but after my treatment went through my agent Mr.Ashok Kumar is saying that at my age cashl free insurance claim can be done only for accident reasons. My agent was very rude and unprofessional in the way he handled my case. I request the respective officers to take immediate action for my case or i would like to cancel my policy effective immediately and request the respective department to refund the whole of sum amount i have paid so far over the years. For any further details please do contact me in the phone number: 9941133655 (M. Padmini).

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