Case against Kotak Life Insurance

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Kotak Life insurance


1.In the month of march-2012 I have been called by Kotak Life Insurance for a policy. They have expained everything and I have taken the policy.
2. They told withing 15 days I receive me documents. I have taken policy in Bangalore and they have send the documents to my permanent address which is in Hyderabad. I never told them to send the documents to Hyd address. Courier guy called me and told I have to be there to receive the documents. I told him to give to my family members since I work in bangalore he said he cant do that and returned the documents.
3. After few days I called Customer care and told the problem and Informed them that in Bangalore I stay in PG and have no address proof. I waork in client place and I cant get HR letter from Client office as I am not in their payrolls.
4. I told them to send the docuemnts to any nearest Kotak office so that I can go and collect after showing my ID proof. They it can be done. Once they dispatch the documents Nearest branch will call and inform me to collect the documents and it never happened.
5. I was not discouraged for that but after a week or so I got a call from 02241176200 and I clearly told to stop sending ECS whic is scheduled on last day of every month as we dont receive salary on last day of month and sometimes I may not have sufficient funds. That guy over phone agreed and promised to send ECS between 1st to 10th of every month. I was happy atleast for this.
6. However, ECS was send on last day of month and the same was not clear due to insufficient funds.
7. After enough complaints I told them to cancel the policy and return the money back which is not happening. They cant send the documents to their own branch.
8. If I ask for a manager they simply hung the call.

My humble request is to kindly help me to get my money back from Kotak.



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