WRITE A COMPLAINT fake and fraud company

I would like to report a fraud company called ‘’ . Company details are given below, is a part of Rakun Infotech Pvt Ltd,located at below mentioned address according to their website:
Udyog Vihar,Phase 4,Gurugram(Haryana),India

Company contact numbers ( All the numbers are not reachable)

Saurav,Rahul had contacted me on March 22 2019 and told me that they can get me a job easily since they have direct contacts with hiring team of big big companies and asked me to avail their paid services. They made me to pay 49300.00.
NOTE: They have provided me invoices for the payments which i have made.

No interview,No placements. Finally they have stopped receiving calls,emails are blocked.Entire career path team starting from Saurav,Rahul,Nikhil, Akash have cheated me. Akash has promissed me several times over the telephonic conversations to refund the entire money if he is unable to get me a job or place me somewhere before 31/05/2019.

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