WRITE A COMPLAINT are scammers beware don’t buy from them

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: are SCAMMERS Please Don’t Buy from them.

They cheat you on Insurance MOney as well. They will quote you what showrooms quote for INsuarance but will buy a substandard and save money for themselves.

They will route the car from any dealer from any part of the city to save a few bucks for themselves

My experience is such horrible. I got my car 1 month late. Substandard insurance and on the top of it took 5000 extra. Rs.500 Extra for petrol also.

If you are spending Rs.5 Lakh plus we can spend Rs.10000 extra but avoid buy from dealer/distributor directly.

They are SCAMMERS. BTW I’m dragging them to consumer court for the scam on INSURANCE because thats the only proof I have they have cheated.

BTW sales person were NIDHI/ SACHIN

Also, I’ve decided to post on all possible forums about them till they resolve my issue and refund the extra money they took from me.

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