car loan emi not picked by the bank for three months

Location/place: mumbai

i have taken a car on 30th june 2012 and got finance from a financial firm. even after paying 1st advance emi i had pay my 2nd on 6 july that was 5th day i got my car delivered. my cheque for the month of october bounced because it was deposited late by the company and that was the last cheque that they had from me and they dont ecs facility. i have been receiving calls from some person about the emi that are pending and he says that he will be sending someone to collect the cheques but no one seem to be coming for the past three months. when i questioned the person for not sendng someone to pickup the payment i was given an excuse i was not answering my calls, so this time i gave him my wifes number and asked him to come and collect the payment without fail but again no one came the next day. and i would like to bring to your notice that when i called the head office of this company before my loan was disbursed about the status as the DSA was not answering my calls i was threatened by the DSA that if i will call the head office again my loan will be cancelled. i want to know if i can change the finance company because i dont want to handover cash to these people as emi. and wether i am under any obligation to pay them any extra amount i want to change my loan from their bank.

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