Car Insurance Claim

Location/place: Belgaum

Name of company/service: TATA AIG

I met into accident on 9th April 2012

The damaged vehicle (TATA NANO KA22 P5892) is shifted to Tata Motors on 13th April 2012. The Tata motors took almost a week to estimate the cost of repairy and the delay was contributed to system software failure as informed by the TATA Motors authority.

I have been assured that the TATA motors will intimate about the accident and car repairy expenses, so I could not worried to inform. After repeated request to TATA motors the estimate has been done and the same is intimated /registered as the claim with insurance company.

on 28th April I got a call from Suresh Gul asking the driving Licence as I was out of station so could not submit on same day. The driving Licence was submitted to TATA motors on 30th April and same has been intimated to Suresh gul. Probably he took almost a week or so to collect the copy of DL.

This collection of documents has happened when I wrote a email to customer care on 30th April 2012 [Copy enclosed below].

I enquired Suresh Gul about the status of my claim, he mentioned that he need some time to prepare the report and will send to the company.

I don’t know when he has sent the report. and what is that report…

Again I visited TATA motors probably on 15th May 2012 to enquire the status and orally I am informed that the vehicle has been declared as “TOTAL LOSS” and the parking charges will be levied from 13th April 2012. I spoke to Suresh gul on telephone and got to know that another 15 days will be required to get the quotation etc to get the claim settled. since I was not aware about the process so I kept mum for another 15 days.

Again when I realize the null progress, I wrote an another email to customer care on 18th June 2012 [Copy enclosed].

Promptly, I received a call from some Mayur Kamat and intimated me that the process will be done in a week time

Monday (i.e. on 25th June 2012) I was intimated that the report has been sent to the office ( I don’t know what this report is).

Would you please let me know what is done? is the claim required such a long time to settle?

To my surprise, I am asked to give the reason for delay,

Now they are telling that only part of the amount will be released and next installment will be released after producing the NOC from bank.

Please take the matter with concern and suggest me the legalality of claim.

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