CANOPUS SCAM ( Canopus agrees for all condition before getting the payment to their account , These are how everyone will be trapped to them , Canopus take the money as verification and processing fees, Canopus then after drag the time and later carrying not lifting calls and being busy in meetings and keep on extending disbursement dates, so people will try calling from other states and they keep quit after some time. Utilising peoples commitment/greed situations and enjoying their money in easy ways.
Canopus Team member involved in Scams

Sawar Singh Rawat – Director (DIN 07334990)
Sangita Rawat – Director (DIN 07334982)
Abhishek Sharma Ph: 9116182186
Rajeev: Ph: 8290909888
Manish: Ph: 9116182186
Varsha Malhotra – Legal – 91166131175
Ashithosh – Financial Advisor
Divya – Ph: 9829332666
office number: 01452429889
Mail : [email protected]
Address : Canopus Total Services Pvt. Ltd.
Office No. 316-B, 3rd Floor, Amita Villa,
Street Opp. Revenue Board Office,(Near ADA)
behind sainik vishram grah Todarmal Marg
Civil Lines ajmer rajasthan (305001)

Story of SCAM

From Canopus Services India Pvt Ltd by Executive Name Abhishek (Contact Number: 9116182186) called Eterno Housing Pvt Ltd C/O Kiran Kumar – Contact 9845741067 on dated 20th August 2018 for a lending loan for 4 Crore, We provided all the KYC documents and then Canopus released Offer Letter (Dated: 24/08/2018) and we got a mail confirmation from Abhishek saying loan disbursement will happen On or before 10th September 2018 and asked us to pay to search and Verification Fee of Rs 12,500 Rs for the Canopus account (Account Name: canopus total services pvt ltd, Bank Name – ICICI Bank, Account Number – 018505005671, IFSC Code – ICIC0000185 . Payment made by Eterno Housing Pvt Ltd on 27/08/2018, Transaction id S1442956, Canopus did phone verification call with us and gave a positive so the loan is approved then Canopus sent us the confirmation letter(UDI/CTS/0082SAI32288SA0CF21CF480060(29/08/2018) and asked to pay processing fees as upfront only(1% of Loan cost).

Payment made from Eterno Housing account through NEFT(Rs 4,00,000 – Dated 28/08/2018, Reference Id 184317826). , They started delaying after they got the payment to their accounts sending the draft document, it was sent on 5th September. All the documents prepared by us and sent to canpous back to the office on 6th September. But still, they dint disbursed on said dates

Below Dates, Canopus committed and failed Three times disbursing the loan, refer below in detailed

On 10th September – They Failed to disburse the loan on the agreed date and Varsha Malhotra sent a mail, disbursement will happen 18-20th September else the complete refund will happen.

On 18th September 2018- Again Varsha Malhotra failed to disburse the loan on 18th, So at 19th another person from Canopus called name Manish, that we are changing from Investor 1 to Investor 2 so you have to deposit 1 lakh as a security , Your disbursement will happen on or before 22nd September 2018, Since we were in project execution criticality, we agreed based on getting mail confirmation from Canopus . Payment made by Eterno Housing Pvt Ltd on 19/08/2018, Transaction id 187872378.

On 22nd September 2018 – Manish never picked call later and Varsha Malhotra only say will call back in 10 min and no updates at all, finally after we started to refund they transferred the call to Rajeev manager of Canopus, he again gave the date for 5th October 2018, Again they fail to provide the disbursement .

After 3 times disbursement failed, Again they want now another 15 days for loan disbursement with New investors, meanwhile they are planning to get signature for cancellation letter, That letter says we are responsible for our own loss.

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