Canon Powershot SX50 HS Complaint

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Canon

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had purchased a Canon Powers hot SX50 HS on 18-November-2012 from Canon Image Square at South City Mall, Kolkata. But on the very next day (i.e. on 19-Nov-2012) I found that the plastic cap (i.e. where FULL HD, 50X ZOOM etc. printed) above the lens is not fixed. So I went to the Canon Service Centre(Address: Level 4 Camera Service Center, 3A, 1ST FLOOR, SHAKESPEARE SARANI, Kolkata, West Bengal) on 20-Nov-2012 and asked them to replace the camera as it is a manufacturing defect and I am reporting the problem before 48 hours. But the representative said that this plastic cap is fixed using adhesive and they can fix it right away but they can’t replace it. But when I told them that as they are the manufacturers and the adhesive fixing is done by them so this is a manufacturing defect and they must replace it then they told me that in that case I have to submit the camera and they can only arrange the replacement within 10 to 15 days and they will intimate me as soon as the replacement is done. Then I submit the camera there and requested them to try to arrange the replacement as soon as possible. My complaint number (i.e. Call Id in Canon Service Report) is CD1200000232533.

But after 13 days when I didn’t reconceived any call from them then I called them and asked for the status then they said that the camera is fixed but it can’t be replaced. After that when I insisted for the replacement they asked me to come to the service centre and talk to their manager.

So I went to the service centre again on 6-November-2012 and met with their manager, Mr. Prabhakar Choudhary, Senior Excutive-Camera Service, Market Engineering Division, but he said that as per their company policy they can’t replace it. When I explained him in detail he said that he understands my situation but can’t do anything as it is against their company policy and this is a very minor defect. So I denied to accept this and return back without the camera. Now I feel that I have been cheated because I have paid the full amount but received a camera with manufacturing defect.

So I would like to request you to suggest and help me for this.
Your suggestions and help is highly required.

Thanks & Regards,
Supratim Chatterjee

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