Cancellation Refund delayed by 3 months

Location/place: Online Shopping – Mumbai

Name of company/service:

Dear Sir/Madam:

I ordered few items online on Global Shopping ( web portal. The orders were placed on 23rd April (Order Ref: TIN0522903US, TIN0522906US,TIN0522909US and TIN0522912US ) for Rs. 21,700 and on 29th April (Order Ref: TIN0524202US, TIN0524205US, TIN0524208US and TIN0524211US) for Rs. 9,400 both orders totaling to Rs. 31,100.

As i was planning a himalayan trek i clearly asked them to have them delivered to me before the 2nd week of May. I constantly followed them up through various calls and learnt that the shipment company was changed and the consignment was delayed. I requested for a cancellation of the order and it was confirmed via email transaction and acknowledged on 17th of May. (Order Ref – 20124-23993 and 20124-23939). The Customer Service Rep from the company confirmed crediting the refund within 12-15 working days.

Getting a refund since then has become a night mare. I went for my himalayan trek and when i checked 2 weeks later, i found the amount was not credited to my Credit Card account. I followed up via phone and on email with the customer service and was told the amount will be refunded by 28th of June and was held up due to technical issues.

The funds didn’t get credited and i again followed up with them on the refund via phone and emails and was told on 29th June that the refund is in process and should reflect in my credit card latest by 7th July. I wrote couple of reminder emails to the customer service since then for which there was no reply.

I waited till today (12th July) and when i followed up with them again the customer service agent who picked the call is not giving a confirmation on the refund status. Its been 3 months since i paid for these items and i am yet to get the refund.

I have used this company online shopping earlier and gave them this much time hoping they will fix is and get me the refund. I don’t see there is much hope of getting the refund and this has caused me pain, frustration and has become a nuisance to deal with.

Hence, i am requesting you to please help me get the refund of my amount that i paid in April and also take appropriate action against them to ensure no other citizens are put into trouble due to their poor business practice.

Srikanth Desikachar
B1-1001, Iskcon Gokulam Apts
Kanakapura Main Road
Bangalore – 560062
Tel- 9845435719
email – [email protected]

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