Call from Delhi threatening legal Notice.

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Tata Docomo

Myself Imran Khan from Bangalore, I had a Tata Docomo postpaid number 9243026532 which I used in the year 2008. Later I asked for the disconnection after making due payments towards the account. I never tracked later on the status of the connection and surprisingly now I get a call from Mr Mahavir Singh(Contact #+918459117543) saying he is from Delhi Civil Court verification department asking me to contact Mr Rahul Mehta (contact number 09650661989). He says I have an outstanding of 1500/- Rs which is due from my end and if I do not make the payment he will drag me to the court.
My complaint is why is that I never got any legal notice before or I hold the same secondary contact from past 6 years, they could have contacted me if they really had any issues.
I have been very badly humiliated and distracted from my work. I want Tata to pay for the humiliation and the bad conduct these people have.

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