CAANWINGS – Diamond Sodhi

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Immigration Services

Ms. Diamond Sodhi and her husband Mr. Balraaj Gupta run an immigration company under the name of CAANWINGS in Jalandhar , some other cities of Punjab and Delhi. So if you plan to apply for your visa through her PLEASE THINK TWICE as there are better immigration consultants available in the market. They will not only give you wrong visa advice to spoil your case but also ignore your calls/e-mails after they have received the payment. Also, all their franchise offices are just a sham.
We applied for Australia PR through there Delhi office in Jhandewala and paid the consulting fee as requested. As part of the processes, the delhi office collected our documents and submitted to the head office in Jalandhar of which Ms. Sodhi is the incharge. Most of the times she will not be available in office. You can keep calling her illiterate and rude staff but they will never put you in touch with her and will lie that “Madam” is travelling to delhi or some other place in Punjab. Her office will very happily give you her mobile number but that is of no use as she will just not respond to your calls.
Ms. Sodhi filed our application in Vetassess which as you may know, if you are in process of filing PR for Australia is one of the initial step in the PR process. MIND YOU Ms. Sodhi is an expert in the process; but she made only a LITTLE MISTAKE; she filed our application under the WRONG PROFESSION. because of which our VETASSESS application got rejected because of this gross error made by Ms. Sodhi……we paid Ms. Sodhi Rs.30000 for filing this application and additional Rs. 25,000 as professional fee which she refuses to refund now.
we got a rejection from Vetassess and were informed of the same by her office….they sent me a copy of the rejection letter but they couldn’t even figure out the reason for rejection.We looked at the letter and were immediately able to conclude that we got rejected because our application itself was filed under the wrong profession and immediately got in touch with her office only to tell us that MADAM will call us back….she did take her own sweet time to get back. She did accept that a MISTAKE had been made and covered up by saying even if you would have cleared the vetassess assessment you would have not qualified as your profession is not listed in the SOL. So our natural question to her was why on earth did you accept our case if the profession did not even appear in the SOL…
So now that she realized that a mistake had been made she stopped accepting our calls…she would just not pick up the phone and then when we tried from an unknown number …she immediately picked up…. Since then numerous e-mails have been exchanged and phone conversations have happened but she refuses to refund our money back ….she did not even offer and apology or try meet us once……it has been 6 months of struggle… when we threatened her of legal action… her husband came into the picture….he called us and started blabbering about what a great doctor he is and has an established practice in jallandhar ….we still don’t understand how would that be of help or how is his being a doctor related to our case….. was he planning to offer free medical treatment to us for the entire life in lieu of the refund and the small error his respectable wife had made…..anyways that remains a mystery……
In the meantime, while we were struggling through all this the Delhi-Jhandewalan office also closed down with no notice to any clients…..all numbers were suddenly switched of or either unavailable… That was a good chance for Ms. Sodhi…. She started telling us that since we approached the Delhi office…they should be the ones refunding our money…..but they were untraceable……Ms. Sodhi kept pretending that she also does not know where the Delhi office people vanished…..whereas all this while she did have their numbers….she did give to us later when we kept threatening her of a legal action…. We met the Delhi office staff however they rightfully refused the refund as our contract is with the CAANWINGS Head office and the receipt of the fee paid is also in name of CAANWINGS……
Now Ms. Sodhi has stopped responding to our e-mails and calls ….so we have no option left but to pursue this in the court of law…..
But we have shared our ordeal just to protect other people from such frauds…..We will be satisfied even if we can protect one innocent consumer from the hands of such cheats……

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