Business In Hospital

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Flemming Hospital

Sir, I am Pinki Das want to complaint against Flemming Hospital & doctors of Flemming Hospital who had treated my brother specially Dr. Tapan Kumar Patra. My brother was met with an accident as on 8th apr 2013, so I had admitted my brother to Flemming Hospital as on 9th apr 2013. Doctors did my brother’s brain operation as on 10th apr 2013, but due to carelessness in operation & in treatment my brother is still unconsoues & his stitches got infected. Neither doctors nor hospital’s staff informed us regarding his infection in stitches; they only said that your patient condition is very critical. After 10 days in flemming hospital & spending more than Rs.200000/- my brother condition is remain same as first day. So why we had paid that amount for my brother’s treatment but they were didn’t treat my brother. My brother is still in ICU, is it possible that stitches of an ICU patient’s got infected?? It is only the result of carelessness in operation & treatment. Now, I had shifted my brother into another hospital, but my brother condition is very critical now. I had paid approx Rs.215000/- to Flemming Hospital & we don’t have money so that we can continue my brother’s treatment. They had taken a lots of money but they didn’t do any kind of proper treatment to save my brother’s life. Doctor’s don’t know how to speak with a patient’s parents.
Sir, kindly do the needful as soon as possible.

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