Builder harrassing the residents

Location/place: Bhandup, Mumbai

Name of company/service: Neptune

I am posting this complaint on behalf of all the residents of Neptune’s living point, LBS Marg, behind Neptune’s magnet mall, Bhandup west, Mumbai-78.

We are residents of Neptune’s living point. The builder has constructed a mall – Magnet Mall just opposite the residential buildings. Since the year 2011, when this mall started, we have been the victims of noise pollution. The noise from AC plants and the DG sets used for the cooling of the mall are making our lives miserable. Many international brands like EasyDay, Pizza Hut, KFC, Mc Donalds are occupying the Mall and using the same AC plants, the noise pollution from which are affecting our health adversely. The same builder has developed the mall who has developed the residential complex also. He has ignored the larger interests of the society. We were not informed that there would be noise pollution because of the AC plants of the mall which would be facing the residential complex, before selling the flats to us. Please help.

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