BTM Fraud

Location/place: Noida

Name of company/service: techbravo

BTM (business tie-up machine) is the portal of DD Group (service Provider Company).First it was associate with the whiteNET Group but that company was fraud and now has been closed.

BTM is nothing just a dumb idea and if we look in competition with Indiamart(B2B portal),business tie up machine does not used any professional technology.

Now i think BTM is just going to Fraud with many companies because BTM does not have any strong background any dominated staff. Business Tieup Machine has only 3-4 employees staff and also not providing the salary to those.

So Be aware guys with some undirected names Business Tieup Machine,BTM,whiteNET Group.

and now a days they(BTM) are working with one IT company name Tech Bravo.This is also a big fraud company.They recruit students with their college and give the joining after 6 months and take the big amount of money with all those students.

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