Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: BSNL

I Santhosh.SR Residence of Hebbla Bangalore, Visited to a BSNL office at Ganga nagar Bangalore, and enquired about the new connection, of availability and days to fix the connection, the BSNL representative asked the are to be booked, and i told its on Hebbal, then they confermed with the line man, and told yes sir, we will provide the connection,[B] it will take 2 weak to get connection [/B] then i got aggried and Paid of Rs=500/ advance and booked a BSNL Land line and Broad band connection on the same day ( 16.2.12 ), and they gave me the invoice with the order number ( 87044559 )
Then waited for 3 weak no body as even, visited or called me about the connection, Then I personally visited to Ganga nagar Bangalore office, asked
They told its as passed to installation divison, and provided the phone number with the contact person
Mr.Gandhi ( 08023430959 ),

With a great difficulty of calling repeated daily, i talked with Mr.Gandhi ( 08023430959 ), He told already the line man, visited to the site and told in the wiring Pole the connection, to be checked n need to cut the Pole, at present the labors are not their, it will take few days,

Then i waited for 2 weaks more and called again the Person will never Pick the call, with a great difficulty of repeated calls he told our line man visited again,to the site, given the feed back, that wire is required more to provide connection, in the office they are not Providing sufficient of wire, so wait for few days we will take approvel form office, so it will take few days.

Waited. 2 more weaks passed no replay, then visited directly to the service office which is at RT.Nagar, i mate Gandhi, the same he was telling n told it will take few days, and Promised,

Then after few days i called the Ganga nagar, office they, gave the line man Mobile number Mr.Selva Raj
( 9449344432 ) he told sir, if we get the order we will come and give connection, other wise we cant help, then he gave the Number of
Area Engineer Mr.Murabi (9449898786) / Division Engineer Mr.Prakash ( 9449855646 )

Then i called Area Engineer Mr.Murabi and request him to help on this matter, then he taken my order number and told he will do the need full
then i was kept tracking with him, he use to give a answer, yes it will be done, and some time he says he is in hospital, he is in leave, he got accident, and continues Switch Off for weaks and months at last not answer,

Then i called Division Engineer Mr.Prakash he use to give same and i will, take care, i will do, and No response
for some time, Switch Off, at last i got angry n spoken in high Pitch, he behaved rudely n told you dont need to remaind me, i know how to work, n disconnected the call,

Then i sent my brother to the service office, regarding this issue, they asked sorry and, [B]written the new order number on the Invoice ( 23430208 )[/B] and told it will be solved in few days.

After few weak passed no replay, no connection, then i called the line Man, and asked help then finaly he gave the mobile number of the Manager,Shesha Giri ( 9449018882 ).

Then i called Mr.Shesha Giri and asked him to help on this issue, then i asked him, Nun of your People is giving proper replay or feed back, then what should i do, what can be done,and He Gave a Stupid Answer,
[B]( if you are not getting replay then you should Know that there is No connection )

So i dont know what to do. Kindly Help me Sir / Madam



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