Location/place: BARNALA

My name is Robin Jindal. I am from Barnala in Punjab state.I want to complaint regading BSNL Exchange employes of Barnala Branch for there ir responsible duties and bad behaviour.Actually i was went to BSNL for submit my BSNL landline bill. In BSNL there are 3 cabines which submit the landline bills.I was entered in the room fo pay bill. I seen nobody is present in all cabines which are made for submit bill of customers.when i ask to other bsnl emloyes for pay the bill they said to me that go to home.come tommorow and dont waste our time. we are too busy.They said this all in very bad manner. Everyone which was came to pay bill had to face this problem.somebody which was facing this problem in previous day told to me that, these are all ir responsible employes.They dont do work properly but take full salary from Government.Please take action against bsnl employes so that, They work properly and deals Public sincerly.

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