Broad bank network Link Drop

Location/place: Raipur

Name of company/service: Airtel Broadband

I am a customer of airel since 2009, i am using their broadband connection.But since last 1.5 Yrs i am facing problem with their network link. I have raised several service requests but the issue is not getting resolved.
In fact one of their engineer who visited my place to check the problem he said that their is a problem in cable wiring but as in our area there are not much connections so the company is not convinced for changing the cable as its a cost to the company. If this kind of reply a customer gets from the service provider then how can we trust any company.
I want the issue to be resolved or entire money paid for broadband connection to be returned.
The last service request raised was 15109030 which was closed without resolution.Now i have again loged a complain today SR id:16908282

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