Location/place: AHMEDABAD

Name of company/service: BRIDGESTONE

I purchased four Bridgestone Redial Tubeless tyres from M/s. Maniar Tyre Home, Police Chowky, Opp. Mother Dairy, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad. It has run only 27000 kms. I bought this product for a specific feature: strong side-walls and best performance. Suddenly one tyre so far started giving trouble like air leakage and punctures in that particular tyre quite often. On04, 2012 air was out of that that rear tyre. Upon removal of the tyre I found that there was having manufacturing defect and formed a rupture inside and became useless. On contacting dealer I was told that: normally because of puncture the water enters inside walls and steel looses bond with rubber inside!!!!
Even the Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd. Claim application form (TAG No. 400535) rejected by Ahmedabad office that “Tread deformation due to rusting of steel belts due to entry of moisture or water through cuts due to sharp object or stone drilling.” No manufacturing defect.!!!!
I am surprised to know that any tyre can get puncture. So this is rubies reason. Even though the water enters the steel used should be anti-corrosive. I am using other 3 tyres in same car but it works very well. Because of manufacturing defect only this tyre having loose bonding between rubber and steel belts. Also the air came out slowly and who will damage own tyre????
Just imagine, tyres used in the car which might have busted because of product with poor technology can cause human life.

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