Breach of Contract and betrayal

From Sri Alik Kumar Bhattacharjee
And others
44 Bindubasini Road
P.O. Bhatpara
Dist. North twentyfour Parganas
West Bengal
Pin. 743123
Mo. 919239789875
Email [email protected]
The Managing Director,
Bank of Baroda
Baroda Bhavan
7th Floor,R.C. Dutt Road,
Vadodara-390 007, (Gujarat) India.
Sub. Breach of contract due to vindictive attitude, negative motivation of
the Management of Bank of Baroda in renewal of Baroda Health Policy
to the existing Policy holders , request your kind intervention of this vital
Ref. 1. Notice displayed at the Bank of Baroda , Naihati Branch informing
that they will not renew Baroda Health Policy from November 2018
as they have discontinued tie up with National Insurance Company
Ltd .
On behalf of all the customers of Baroda Health Policy Holders of Bank of Baroda we lay before you the following facts for your kind intervention
1. All on a sudden Bank of Baroda displayed a notice that they will not renew any Baroda Health Policy from November 2018 as they will discontinue tie up with National Insurance Company
2. At this old age and as a retired men it has come to us as a bolt from the blue in this hard market after continuing my policy several years together.
3. We have become customer of this bank being attracted of the Baroda Health Policy.
4. We were assured by the bank management that we will enjoy this policy life long and tie up with the National Insurance Company Limited will be continued.
5. As such, it is nothing but Breach of Contract and betrayed with the customer of your bank , you can not discontinue Baroda Health Policy at the midway of the existing customer without any suitable and compatible alternative.
6. So many of my friends including myself opened fixed deposit of huge amount being attracted and considering the facility of your health policy
7. I have opened this policy and continuing years together to secure my treatment in my old age.
8. If no action is taken we will withdraw our FD and Accounts from your Bank and we will have no alternate but to seek legal help and complaints to consumer forum.
As such, you are requested to make an arrangement so that existing customer of Baroda Health Policy holder do not deprived due to the laps on your part.
Hope ,your good self will look into the matter to find out a solution for the existing customers.
Thanking you,
Dated02.10.2018 Yours faithfully,
Alik Kumar Bhattacharjee SB, A/c.No.22160100007837
Swapan Kumar Halder SB, A/c. No.22160100004715
Byimkesh Kanti Ghosh SB, A/c. No 22160100008447
Paritosh Kumar Bhattacharyya SB, A/c. No.22160100017308
Chinmoy Bhattacharyya SB, A/c No.22160100016758
Chinmoy Bhattacharyya SB, A/c. No.22160100016840
Salil Kimar Halder SB, A/c. No 22160100016804
Pravat Kumar Negel SB, A/c. No. 22160100017386
Kabari Sett SB, A/c. No. 22160100006628
Soumita Sett SB, A/c. No 22160100000419
Anjuli Goswami SB, A/c. No 22160100010259
And so many if required it will be furnished

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