Bluestar is a Fraud Co. with pathetic post-sales services…..

Location/place: Ghaziabad

Name of company/service: Bluestar


We are really unhappy, disappointed & frustrated with the fact that after intense research I choose to buy a Bluestar AC.

ISSUE: We purchased a 1.5ton split AC a couple of months back but right from the beginning we’re in pain & it’s been a headache for us.

Firstly, right from the beginning there is a noise (kut…kut…kut sound) in the AC but the problem still persist despite repeated reminders & complaints to customer services people (BS) and service center staff (GBD).

Secondly, we noticed that the cooling of the AC is also not up to mark for which again the complaint has been lodged but again that’s still pending. And finally when contacted the BS service center people at GZB for the same they told us that one of the senior engineer from Bluestar Co. would look into it for which I need to contact customer care of BS. When contacted CC of BS again I didn’t get any satisfactory answer rather I was told (by the CS exective named Michael….) to shoot a mail at [email protected] as it is their policy if a frustrated customer reach them and ask for a refund or replacement. The tone of the executive was not appropriate, instead of resolution he gave me an idea how pathetic customer service is at BS.

And now at 00:13AM instead of sleeping peacefully I am forced to write an email for this.

I want an immediate attention to complaints i.e. either the AC should be corrected and if there is a big fault in the AC I want a replacement of the same or else I will drag the matter further.

Also want that action should be taken against the service center people at GBD who attended and could not resolve the issue (since they have a tendency of delay and false commitment…….) and customer service people from Bluestar who could not give a satisfactory resolution (especially the last executive named Michael who was rude & pathetic at customer service……gave me the call reference # as B1205281016 ) to the issue rather forced us to believe that at Bluestar customer service is PATHETIC and one shouldn’t purchase a Bluestar product anytime.

Ravinder Singh
+91 9711 989 993

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