Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Univercess

Dear Sir,

I bought a mobile phone worth Rs 10000 from Univercell, staples brance, koramangla,bangalore. It was under offer,, after few days I got call from the one of the univercell person that its cost is Rs 12100 and you have to pay the remaining amount, I said I am getting this this phone in Rs 10900 net and I bought it in Rs 10000.

I bought from the person name sunil, I asked sunil if its price was not Rs 10000 then why you given me phone in Rs 10000, I said ok, I can pay you another Rs 800 as he said If I will not pat they will deduct his salary. For humanity I paid him another Rs 800.

Now I am getting BLACKMALING calls from the Univercell employees to pay them Rs 1100 more, otherwise they will Block my call phone and SIM. I am very worried due to these black-male calls, plz help me.

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  1. 10 years ago

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