Blackmailing of gas cylinder

Location/place: Tosham

Name of company/service: Mungipa gas service

There is no proper distribution of gas refill for village person as the agency person are showing there monopoly ( MR Rajesh and Mr Sumeet) and not following any Rules and regulation of its head office. A large scale of blackmailing is going on. All the agency person and some officer who can control them are involved in that. Every day a long queue is there for village person and after some time they closes the window even they have booked that particular date for refill the cylinder. If innocent person approaches them , they simply say what we can do in that and if we say to complain against it they very confidentially reply that go anywhere and report . It shows that some local authority is favoring them that’s why they misbehave with consumers. Action to be taken against defaulters. A day should be given for refill the cylinder for vill. person. How many times a person will come for a cylinder. Lastly he takes in black ie in Rs 700/- . A village person where he can approach. It is very serious matter to be looked in.

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