Blackberry Scrap Mobile is received instead of VIVO Y53

Hello Snapdeal Team,

Snap Deal Reference No : SLP1632915057
Invoice No- SD71C711000505
Ecom Express Tracking ID- 898463909
Delivered on : 01-04-2018

We have ordered VIVO Y53 Black Colour on the Date of 21st March 2018,Invoiced date on 23rd March 2018….But it was delivered April 1st…..The Box was Packed Nicely and it was delivered through E-Com Express….Snap Deal Reference No : SLP1632915057
Ecom Express Tracking ID- 898463909 Invoice No- SD71C711000505,Seller- Mobile King from Kanpur… We are so surprised of that we have received Blackberry Scraped Piece instead of Vivo y53….Which was packed instead of Put it in to the Dust Bin…We have opened the Box infront of the Ecom Delivery Executive…He said that will escalate to their team and will take it Back on Monday…Because the day he was delivered on Sunday…But he never turned back….Then we went to E com Office and Met Mr.Alakar who was heading the Branch….He said will escalate with the HO and Snap deal will get it done…..But still its happening….We are not expecting such a Cheating happening from ur Market Place Seller….I am getting a resolution that I won’t get my refund since you guys had blacklisted the seller from snap-deal. Without any verification the seller sends the product and takes the money from the customer and the snap-deal they aren’t aware of the issue.

I would like to question to snap-deal and the chairman of the company why they have listed the seller on their websites to sell the product. Remove them if you have blacklisted from your company had you send out a disclosures on your website or in newspapers that any product which is sent by those seller will not be entertained by snapdeal

. I do not understand how the snap-deal is working are there no compliance department to check the quality checks by seller.
Payment Method Cash on Delivery Payable Amount Rs. 8300


Rajesh Kannan.D

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