Bills After making Post paid to Pre paid from Reliance

Location/place: Karwar

Name of company/service: Navy

I Bhaskar J Gogoi had taken postpaid connection of Reliance mobile (9021504367)and made it pre paid connection on 03 May 2012 as per receipt number MHG 11397873 from Reliance Communication Infrastructure Ltd, Vasco as I was under transfer to Karwar, Karnataka. I have filled up forms and gave them Identity proof as per their requirement and paid the outstanding payment also. They told me that the connection will continue till Five days and then disconnect automatically. But the connection is not disconnected still. They are making extra amount of bills and asking me to pay the bill. The bill includes lots of extra charges.
Earlier, each time I called up with customer care for discontinuation of post paid connection they makes me fool saying that I have to go to nearby reliance services and when I go to Reliance services they told me to talk with customer services. I was running several days to make the number pre paid. But sill they are playing with me and consuming my lots of valuable time. It seems to be difficult for me to run around and do the same thing for several time. This certifies that they are trying to torture mentally and physically with the customer who want to leave their services.
I am sending you the statement and complains for your help and short-out the issue which become a big burden to me.

Thanking You,

Your’s Faithfully
Bhaskar J Gogoi

Note: My contact number is 9482351441, Karnataka

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