Billing issue (Worst service ever)

Location/place: Santacruz West, Mumbai

Name of company/service: Tata Docomo

I just want to make this complaint known to everyone so that people can beware of this uncaring company and its practices. I don’t want any resolution.

I’ve been a Broadband customer with Docomo for over 2years. I’ve never experienced any service related problems. But when it came to billing issues, they are the worst in the world.
They are the most hopeless, disconcerned and uncaring company when it comes to customer service. They are not bothered at all about the customer’s time or his problems.

For 3 months , I repeatedly had billing issues with them. Their online system is faulty, they never receive the payment in their system; even their debit card systems don’t work properly.
However, when I reported about my payments that were deducted from my bank, no one ever bothered to solve it.

For over 6 months, my complaint wasn’t resolved and I approached numerous people with thousands of phone calls, but nobody resolved it. They harassed me with their calls about non payment, but no one cared to resolve my issue. Their agents called me saying they will resolve the issue, but never bothered to call back….
They only know how to pass the issue to different agents, but nobody looked into the matter at hand, not even their nodal officers, or higher complaint teams, managers, or even the retention teams.
They will not do anything about your problem and make you run after them to get the matter sorted. No one will take a stand to help.

I even went to their gallery thousand times to get this matter sorted where one agent promised me, which took a further six months to resolve.
Despite complaining and providing bank statements and running to their galleries, calling them, no one was really bothered. They have a whole system with different departments but no customer issue resolution. They had guts to call me about outstanding balances but no interest in checking with their own teams to sort the matter. Even their managers are worthless.

Please stay away from them when it comes to customer service, as there is no resolution and no service. Nobody, absolutely nobody is bothered!!


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