Billing Issue

Location/place: GURGAON, HARYANA

Name of company/service: BHARTI AIRTEL

My broadband connection is out of service from 29 July 2012 and till now has not been fixed after repeated service requests even I have approached Airtel nodal officer to resolve the issue but in vain. Till now I have raised 7 service requests to fix my broadband connection.

My bill for the period 17/07/2012 to 16/08/2012 was Rs. 1122 but after my service request it is adjusted to Rs. 869.00 by Airtel. It means they just adjusted my bill only for 7 days while it should be adjusted for 19 days. Till now my broadband connection is not fixed and they close my service request without any resolution on the Expected Resolution Time defined in service request to avoid the deduction monthly rental.

Airtel is playing dirty game by closing the service request without any resolution and I have to create a new service request.

Please guide me how to file a complain in consumer court.

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