Bill Waiver for usage against wrong information provided by AIRTEL customer care

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Airtel India

Dear Sir,
I am writing to raise my concern over the unanticipated bill that I got for my post paid mobile number 9831265533 for the billing period 2nd May to 1st June. I also had a discussion regarding the same with the customer care on 121 and he had taken a complain (Service Request No.: 43994805) but I did not get any response from them. Later on i communicated with the airtel authority who sits at my office (Cognizant Technology Solutions at Bantala) and explained him the problem. He told me to explain and write the same to you.

Now I will give the jist of the problem that I have seen in my billing because of which my bill has come to such a huge amount. I was on 2G 1GB @ Rs.98 data plan from last 6 – months. I can track the amount of data usage with the help of an app installed on my phone. On 18th of May I had used around 680 MB of data, I called up the customer care and asked him about the data plans. He told me that as per the pro data usage charges which is 33.33 MB/Day I have used a surplus of some 120 MB of data. So told me 2 things here. First he told me that i can continue with my 1GB @ 98 plan but slow down my usage such that it does not cross 1024 MB by 1st of june or second he told me, seeing my high data usage, that I should convert my plan from [email protected] to 2GB 2G plan @ 149. He told me that by doing so the surplus data that I have used till now in my 1GB data plan will be automatically included in my 2GB plan if I take that and he again gave me final figure by calculating the pro data usage for 2GB from 18th May – 1st June (66.66 MB per day as he told me) . So by calculating all of these .i.e 1GB plan from 2nd May to 18th May and 2GB plan from 19th May – 1st June, he told that I will be able to use some 1480 MB without paying anything extra in the form of 10p/10 kb charges. So i happily agreed seeing his quotations and asked him to change my plan from 1GB to 2GB 2G data plan on 18th May. I repeatidly confirmed from him if I won’t be charged separately for the surplus data i have used from my 1GB plan ( 33.33MB x 17 days = 566.61MB, and I had used 680 MB actually). So he told me not to worry at all about this surplus usgae as this will be transferred into 2GB plan if I make a switch from 1GB to 2GB plan. Now this has resulted in a huge billing that i have got for the aforesaid billing period which I came to know when I again called up the customer care on 5th June regarding faulty billing and he gave the reason for my overbilling is this switch from 1GB to 2GB plan and I have been charged as 10p/10KB for all the surplus data I had used on my 1GB plan till 18th May. Now, because of some misleading information from a customer care personnel on 18th May, I sincerely request you to take steps to waiver this amount. Just for your information I have used a total of 1001703 KB of data which is near about 1GB only and less than 1480 MB as had been quoted by the customer care personnel on 18th May till which limit he told me i will not be billed anything extra.

Another thing I would line to mention here is that my billing credit limit is Rs.2000. I should have been intimated well before when my billing reached the 80% of the credit limit alarming me of my over billed amount.

Sir, Please take the required steps to waive off this extra amount billed because of incorrect information provided by a customer care personnel on 18th May. I am really under a shock to get such a huge bill. Please let me know in case you have any additional questions to ask.

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