bill regarding

Location/place: delhi

Name of company/service: vodaphone

sir my name is mukesh kumar . i have a complaint for vodaphone company . i had a postpaid number 9811484546. on november 2010 i received the bill amount is 1000/- approx by the company. for my side its use approx 200/- or 300/- .after that i pay the bill wht company bill said . on december 2010 i recevied again the bill amount is 1000/- i was shocking i swich off the phone & company also disconnect this number bcoz of due date . this number is disconnect from six month , i have anther postpaid number its 9811104846. feb 2011 company’s employ called me at this number & threat me that if u not pay the bill of 9811484546 we keep charging ur another number 9811104846.they charged two time . now the company’s employ called me again that previous amount is 1985 /-(9811484546). which number is disconnected by the company from six month its show 1985 /- amount .. now the employs threat me that if u dont diposite this ammount we disconnect ur another number whic u use 9811104846 in 24 hour ..tall me wht would i do …

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