Bill Overcharging and Goondaisim by Airtel agents

Location/place: Gurgaon, Haryana

Name of company/service: Bharti Airtel Limited

Dear Sir,

I am a long standing and very premium consumer of Airtel since 2006. I had obtained a number 9910070049 and have been regularly using it. Infact, the entire family was on Airtel Network for Mobile and landline services.

My relationship (no: 102-101807898) with Airtel has been very clean and clear, never have i defaulted on payments and i clearly admit that there could be few times, where the payment has got delayed due to my extensive travelling International.

Airtel cannot deny that i have not been a clean customer.

I am a extensive international traveler and my travel regions are more towards Africa, Middle East and many other countries.

After my travel in the month of Jan and Feb, when i received a bill, i got the shock of my life to see a bill of approx Rs 35000 per month for 2 months, resulting in a payout of Rs 70,000 plus. And in my constant endeavor to highlight this matter to Airtel, i have got no reasonable response from them. As time flew, the payment is yet to be made and in all my communication i have mentioned clearly i am not avoiding payment but you need to correct the bill.

As a matter of fact i decided not to use the number in good spirit not add to the monies that i need to pay and i withdrew my BB account also. But kept my phone working and only receiving incoming calls.

Today the situation is the collection agents of Airtel have started harassing my wife by calling her on and talking all rubbish threatening about payments. They have gone down to the extend of picking up random numbers from my dialed list and calling people falsely putting in excuses to ask me about my whereabouts. They have gone to such a extent of calling to my Wife’s friend and asking about my whereabouts and threatening her that if she does not get the requisite details they will constantly harass her.

This is resulting in lot of mental trauma and scare in my day to day life and i feel insecure about my family moving around.

Airtel has stooped so low to bring goondaisim for recovery of payments. Not expected from one of the leading Telecom Players.

I would like to complaint against Airtel for mental trauma, threat of life and scare to my family and defamation for me in my society, where i respectfully live.

Again, i am mentioning i am here to pay the genuine amount and not the overcharged amount.

Need your Urgent Intervention and Help.


JP Singh

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