Bill exceeds credit limit

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Airtel

I had activated international roaming on my Airtel no. 9730077874.
My credit limit is INR 2,500/- and my bill is now approximately INR 20,000/-
I have been getting mails from Airtel saying that if I reach 80% of my credit limit, then the services will be stopped.
But to my utter surprise, I neither got an intimation for reaching the credit limit nor were my services stopped.
I have mailed to them and they want me to pay the entire amount.
I called Airtel to have a mutual settlement, but they are telling me to pay the entire amount for their fault of not cutting the services for reaching the credit limit.
I have already paid the amount of INR 2,500 (my credit limit) to them.
I think that is fair enough and will not pay the bill amount Airtel is asking for.

Samar Rakshe
[email protected]

Gmail – Re_ FWD_ FWD_ YOUR USAGE HAS EXCEEDED 80% OF YOUR CREDIT LIMIT [_BAL_9730077874_1603201126517_].pdf (149 KB)

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