Hi it’s chetna from Bangalore..
Today 15th August 2018 I went purchase at bigbazar koramangala near forum mall .. At the billing counter cashier named manjunatha he told me as I am purchasing 2000 if I go more then 3k and pay via paytm payment I will get 1200 cash back .. my signal was not working in side the store so I asked him clearly where and when I will get the cash back so the cashier guy told me that it will directly reflect on my Paytm wallet within 24 hours I again asked him how much I will get cash back that cashier guy got irrited and said within 24 hours 1200 rs I will get cash back so I said my internet is not working inside weather he can share his or not he said no if you want get it done from any of your friends he did not told any terms and conditions after asking again and again also so I called one of my friend to get it done I can not speaks Kannada properly so I asked that cashier to talk to my friend and tell how to do what to do so that cashier guy talked my friend and he got it done .. it was more then an hour of time i was standing infront of cash counter at last all done but now came the break ups i got just 200 cash back so i asked him what was that he started ignoring me so I went to helpdesk to ask the point then they told me the break ups i was so upset and started asking the things why the cashier guy did not clarify T&C at first then the floors manager named Mahesh came and said it’s all visible in Paytm only I told him my net was not working so I asked manjunatha anagin and again he said the thing I will get cash back on Paytm only then he told I should not believe any of them I should check my self then I should purchase that means what I should not believe BIGBAZAAR any more I should not believe in your food product??? Who knows sometime you will wala poison saying sweets or some thing else Shane on you guys …

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