Bhimtal Sattal property and plots Fraud

I made a deal of plot for 1 NALI (240 Square Yard) located at Sattal Road near Bhimtal (Nainital District) on 28th July 2012 with a builder name Devender singh mehra (Deepu Mehra) and Hitender or Hitendar Singh Bisht (Hittu / Hettu). Details and location of the plot is mentioned below:-

Village name – Bhagtura, Sattal Road, Bhimtal
Property Khet number – 432 A, 426 a
Size 1 Nali – 2160 square feet – 240 sq. yard – 200 meters

The plot is located in front of famous sunny lake township at Sattal Road developed by Shikhar Group and adjacent to Mr. Gobind property. We closed the plots deal in 9.75 Lakh rupees and I gave advance of 30,000 Rs. upfront to the builder and took 2 months time for the final payment which ends on 28th August 2012. The builder asked me to make the whole payment in CASH to avoid income tax problems, also builder did not show me any papers related to his possession on the plot. Devender singh mehra / Deepu told me that the plot is registered on someone’s else name (Lalit Chander Bhagat) and but we have bought the plot from him and did not registered on our name to avoid registry charges to be paid at the Nainital court. He also mentioned that we have paid him money and now plot is ours, so we can sell it to anyone. He showed me NO papers to proof his claim on that plot. Deepu mehra mentioned that I will be given poofs and more papers later as they do not have them right now. Somehow I believed them because these guys are well known in Bhimtal, and most of the person I contacted to verify him mentioned his clear image. I gave Devender singh mehra an advance of 30,000 rs and came back.

As the final payment date was approaching, so I called Deepu mehra to clarify certain things, firstly he did not pickup my repeated phone calls. Then I sent him SMS from my wife’s phone to which he replied and called back. I asked the builder that as you are taking all the payment in CASH and also the plot is not registered on your name so I would require a legal proof of you taking the payment on stamp paper in court. To this he replied that he is busy and cut off my phone. I again called back immediately asking how can he cut my phone to which he replied that he is very busy and will call back in some time. He never called back again. On this behaviour of Deepu Mehra of bhimtal, i got very disappointed and called the dealer “Mohan Rawat” who was involved in fixing the deal. I clearly mentioned him that he needs to clear with Deepu Mehra that I will require a receipt about the cash payment to which dealer hesitated, but I asked him to clear the situation with deepu singh mehra and call me back. To my surprise the dealer (Mohan Rawat of Bhowali, Nainital) who I though was very genuine person never called back even after 10 days of my call to him. Later when I did not get any reply from either Deepu singh mehra and Mohan Rawat, I contacted back Mohan Rawat to check the status and he mentioned that deepu mehra has mentioned he will not provide me any kind of receipts as it is not the rule here in uttarakhand. He also mentioned that everything here goes by belief and papers are just a formality. The dealer also mentioned that if i keep on asking for the receipt then Deepu mehra is not interested in the deal and it is terminated. When i asked dealer that why deepu mehra does not call me to discuss the things at this he mentioned that deepu mehra is a very busy builder of Bhimtal – Sattal so he does not have time to call me. Also the dealer Mohan Rawat mentioned that they will not return back my advance.

I am totally stunned here with these guys response and would like to mention here that Devender / Devendra singh mehra (Deepu), Mohan Rawat of Bhowali, Hindenter / Hitendar (Hittu) are fraud people and cheaters. I have lost my money, valuable time and most importantly DREAM of life time because of these frauds. I always dreamed of making my cottage in Hills and these guys have ruined my dream and caused me deep pain. How can I believe such guys who do not have any paper registered on their name for the said plot and also want whole payment in BLACK money providing nothing in receipt?

I would request the actual owner of that plot Mr. Lalit Chander Bhagat to not deal with such people, as they are fraud and cheaters. Also people who have dreamed of taking plots in Bhimtal area of Uttarakhand should beware of these people and should never deal with them.

Please find the numbers of these frauds:-

Devender singh mehra, (Block parmukh Bhimtal area and Pradesh mahamantri panchayat parkosht) – 09412991666, 09368279780, 09897049933
Mohan Rawat of Bhowali, (Property adviser and contractor) – 09536584579

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