Bharat petroleum faulty petrol metre

Location/place: Bangalore/Electronic city

Name of company/service: Bharat petroleum

Bharat petroleum of electronic city(bangalore)has deliberatly set faulty petrol metre to fraud customer.I discovered it in few steps:

1.My new bike petrol tank is 10.5(=8+2.5).But when I did full tank then the gas station guy poured 13 ltrs.How is it possible??

2.Once my friend`s bike was out of petrol and got stuck in midway.We took a plastic bottle to bring petrol,they didn`t give.I argued with the manager,I asked him to give petrol in any seperate container if not plastic bottle,but he completly denied.

3.Another time when I went to pour petrol(bcuz it is only one petrol pump in my area),the gas station workers were talking among themselves about faulty metre.

I have no doubt about this forgery.Please,help people of electronic city,bangalore.

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