Beware of Shreya Das/Shreya Dass – Matrimonial Scammer Nagpur

we hail from nagpur, and was looking for a suitable girl for our son in bangalore. So we started looking at different matrimonial sites. and we found a lady who seemed to be a perfect fir for our son. She readily accepted our invitation and we got my son and her connected. however, we no way could imagine she’s is a scammer. not monetary but she likes to play around with eligible grooms having good money and after months of chat she would simply vanish. It was just she was having fun and was treating the matrimonial sites as dating sites and was talking to numerous boys at the same time. we did verification check and found that all the information given by her of the matrimonial sites weer false. she also didnt informed her parents about the same. her parents have no idea what the daughter is doing. importantly she already has a boyfriend in nagpur in the name of V Roy and is in relationship with several men. my son decided to meet her, and when he met he was severely harassed and disrespected. we never imagined this will happen, our son got a deep shock and took a medical leave for one month. this madam, Shreya Das is very dangerous woman and everyone on the matrimonial sites should be very careful. The matrimonial sites must find out ways to make sure who are on the platforms have genuine interest in getting married and not use the interested grooms as scapegoats and deletes all profiles after she has got some phone numbers. There can be several cases as such and people Shreya Das should be warned and must be made understand the implications of such emotional torture. I hope people will come to know about it and these kind of ladies should be marked. The matrimonial sites should be responsible too. what if something would have happened to my son? The matrimonial sites should only let the parents open their children’s profile and no one else. and this should be verified. There are so many people like Shreya Das and they will continue to take advantage. Thank you.

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