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foodpharma on Nov 27, 2012
suggetion : never buy a blackberry———they are not responsible for any service / warranty in India


Dear Sirs,

your service vendor redington india is not accesble on the phone given on your website ie 1800-4253-720. After at least 100 calls I went to your vendor’s third party SERVICE agent as per your website m/s New Tech Solutions Vashi , Phone Numbers 91-22- 41231928 and deposited my Blackberry modem 9700 vid thier work order number 212 , dated 21.11.2012. My set was supposed to be dilevred to me after repair on 23rd Nov 2012 but After several reminders over phone today ( 26th Nov 2012 ) I am informed that M/S new Tech has no info whem my handset will be repaied by redington.

Please Help as RIM INDIA do not have any contact number / e mail on india website to get my handset back.

I am sure I will not buy any RIM product in future as just keeping THIRD GRADE service providers , RIM do not need any competition and will be wiped out by itself.

if I do not get my Handset repaired in next two days. ie by 28th of the Nov, 2012. I will tale legal action for which RIM INDIA/ RIM CANADA/ Redington India / NEW TECH will be responsible .

Please revert imemdiately
Nirbhay Goel
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Please contact your telecom operator for devices bought through their outlets.

· Airtel / 7070 (BlackBerry toll free) & 98714 27070 (from any phone)
· Vodafone / 198 (BlackBerry toll free) & 98200 98200 (from any phone)
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BlackBerry Customer Support [email protected]
5:35 PM (5 hours ago)

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Hello Nirbhay,

Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Technical Support. We are pleased to assist you.

We are sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with your BlackBerry device. Research In Motion does not provide any warranties, repairs, refunds or replacement devices. All warranties are supplied by the service provider/ retailer for typically one – year from the date of purchase.

Please contact your service provider as they field general queries, provide technical as well as warranty support for all BlackBerry-related issues, and are your exclusive point of contact in these matters.

These service providers/carriers/retailers are partners to Research In Motion but are not part of Research In Motion, they are separate business entities. We do not have any control and are not privy to the warranties that are offered, how they are handled and what they entail as well as any information from their service centers. Therefore, you will need to request this information from the service providers/carriers/retailers. Any complaints about that process would need to be raised with the service providers/carriers/retailers, you may request for the issue to be escalated internally within their Company.

We (Research In Motion) can authorize service centers for BlackBerry Smartphones to be serviced at but it does not mean they are part of Research In Motion, as explained we are partners and we do not own or control a service center or a service provider or its employees.

We manufacture the BlackBerry Smartphones and we sell them to (authorized) retailers, who then sell these devices to their customers. These retailers offer the warranties and other services, they are also able to get assistance from Research In Motion for hardware on your behalf but, this is under their discretion and again we do not own nor control what they offer or to who they offer it to, nor when and how.

Thank you again for contacting us and have a nice day. Please forward any further inquiries to the appropriate vendor. As of now we will close our Research In Motion ticket.

Thank you again for contacting us. Have a great day.


BlackBerry Technical Support
Research In Motion Limited
NA Toll Free: 1-877-255-2377
UK Toll Free: 0808 100 7466
Europe: +44 1753 558400
Worldwide: +1-647-426-1108
Email: [email protected]

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