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Location/place: Allahabad

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I made an online transaction on on 5th April 2013 to buy a Sony Xperia P( Silver Colour) for Rs.16374 & the last date of delivery of mobile
was 19th April.Still,I’ve not received my mobile & everytime I call they tell that the product would reach in next 3-4 days.Until 19th April,they
were saying that delivery date is 19th April & I should wait till the very last date(19th April) & now they say repeatedly that the mobile would reach in next 3-4 days.
I would also like to inform that till the very last moment I confirmed by calling the customer care of to know about the availability of (Sony Xperia P LT22i Silver) & got the reply that the product is in stock & after that only I made this online transaction.Another misleading fact from is that the
product information of Sony Xperia P LT22i Silver clearly states that a consumer would get 1 years “Manufacturer Warranty” & this was the main reason that I bought the mobile from later on they said that I would be getting seller warranty only not “Sony warranty”(the 2nd betrayal or fraud).As a proof
I’m providing the link which states the product info. –
I need urgent help since is neither delivering the product nor they are refunding my money.Plz help me .

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