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I am reached one escort site and find whatsup number and reached him. his told we are geniune and 3hrs meeting we are charged and 5000 then i am paid through Paytm 5000 and booked for next day 2hrs meeting.

Afer paid his provide one number the i reached her she told we are Best escort club in inda and we are charging for 35k for first time visitor after meeting we give money through cash or Tranfer to account then i am trasferd 35k through my bank account to some one bank account.But its not trasferd due to Bank holiday then i reliazed i ask to her please money back the she told come we are not yet recevied you can transfer to my paytm 35k once i meet i will give 70k cash.then i got started tension

she give Hotel name and i am reached to hotel she asking i have urgent issue you pay 40k then take back whole money i told i dont have money then she told if you can pay i can able to give money then i called other (Who are booke time solt) his told we are geniune and i am business man and provide good service the i am paid 40k from credit card to he paytm.Afeter the she not pic the call and his not pic the call.

i sent somany masgs but not replied the i sent msg to her i will be going to file the case .

Next his called to me again his told we are genuine can i setup meeting to today then i asked his if ask money i dont have his agreed after go to the same hotel again she asked 20k and meet and take back money.Then i stared i dont have money please give my money back

i am requested and begging but she told only one thing you pay 20k and take money back

Now also they demending pay 20k and money back which i am paid.

Yesterday i also i am reached him .His told she asking pay 20k then will return whole money.

Its really hurting me i am requested somuch time with msgs.but they not respond

Please find the below phone numbers.

9818752418__I am paid through paytm(Pay 1lac 5 thoushd through paytm and account)

9073564799—i am paid 5k through paytm

Account :Bank of maharashtra
Aksh roy

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