Ben john kennedy is a fraud

Location/place: Karnataka

Name of company/service: Shell petrolieum company

I have resived call from england that i am a winner of $500,000.00. Our Diplomat is ben john kennedy is departuring on 7th dec 2011 and he is ariving to india on 8th dec 2011.then i resived the call from him that i am speaking from delhi airport that i am ben john kennedy so plz talk to custom officer ( asha ) they said to pay custom charges of Rs.22200. Then i said i dont no anybady there then asha gave the ashok kumar sinha A/c no i deposited rs.22200 .after that again they asked for police registration fee of Rs. 69750 . We deposited on Ac/georgiana nathan,Due to carring of amount $500,000.00.then said ur amnt we r brnging 2 ur house then sudenly they created an RBI curency conversion drama.i request our Indian police 2 catch him n save people from being victimized .we got his call from no: 09717726469.and his emil id:[email protected]

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