Being charged for services for which i did not register

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: TATA DOCOMO

Respected Sir,

I am repeatedly being charged for some music service on my GSM TATA DOCOMO pre-paid connection although i am very sure i have not registered for the same.

Last month, 10 INR was charged and i had received a sms for which i called Customer care and they reverted the 10 INR and also confirmed that the service was deactivated.

But again yesterday 60 INR was deducted for the same service and this time when i called the Customer care they are saying they will not revert.

Please help me to get my balance back and this music service to be deactivated permanently.

My TATA DOCOMO number is 8792128945.

Thanking you.


Dharmesh Mehta.

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