Beam cable unable to shift my connection to house address and not providing my money back

Location/place: Peerzadiguda; Uppal/Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Beam Telecom Internet Services

I’m using Beam telecom’s internet connection from last 1 year and paid 6 months advance amount of Rs 3300.00 as part of B-Max 600 package in June’11 month. I recently shifted my house to Peerzadiguda from Uppal (Kalyanipuri colony) area which is less than 4 km range on 16th, Sep’11 and on the same day I have requested for my internet connection shift to new location. I have given 10 to 12 complaints to beam telecom customer care executives, even spoke with their nodal officer/Supervisor many tiles on this issue, but till now my issue was not yet resolved.
They are not even providing me enough information like whether they can able to provide me connection or not by any specific time. I’m daily calling to customer care number# 040-66259273. Due to this issue, it personally impacted on my day to day work & business.

I lost interest and decided not to continue with Beam telecom. I have requested for my money refund, but no one is responding on this and not providing any information.
Can you please look in to this issue and take necessary action on them and help me get my balance amount back.

My details:
Name: Narendra Varma Patini
Registered Phone# 9666075599
A/C# 148141


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