bank did not check signature and gave my money to someone else

Location/place: ahmedabad

Name of company/service: uco bank

on january 5th 2013,i went to the bank for some reason and forgot my passbook there.on the same day someone withdraw 5000rs from my account and bank gave the money to the person without checking my signature.on january 7 i requested bank for a duplicate passbook and received that on 15th jan. i came to know about this when i recieved my duplicate passbook and checked my balance. next day i went to the bank and after discussion they told me that i will get the refund, after some days they were saying that it was my husband who have withdrawn the money but the handwriting on the debit note is totally different but the bank manager is saying that it is matching with my husbands handwriting but i know they are just trying to defend themselves.

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