Balance deduction by Airtel network

Location/place: Guwahati

+91-7896229298 is the my mobile number of airtel network, belongs to Assam state.
I had around 57 rupees in mobile account on 16 June 2012. I have neither talked with any ones, nor activated any special packs. The balance have been deducted completely( Zero balance) by 10.30pm 17 June 2012. This is not single time, happening often. In this way network people are looting money from users. Please take action. I am completely fed up with these network’s looting behavior.
To inform this misdeed to customer executive,I called to customer service and told my problem, without completion of my words he ended my call and made some settings such a way that call never be connected to customer executive by my number.
If these people are doing like this, to whom we have to ask and what we have to do to get back our money.
Waiting for positive response,
Thanking you

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