Balance Deduction

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Reliance Communication


My Number is 8287277827(Reliance GSM), Today I had recharge with Rs. 70,(Recharge TIME:- 17:00, Date:- 19April2013) and after recharge My main account balance is Rs.90.
Then my all balance was deducted. and now at time my balance is 0.0014.

I was calling on customer care on 198. at around Date:- 19th April 2013 (7:00PM to 8:00PM), and I’m talking with reliance Agent Mr. Sanjay. I ask to him how my balance was deducted. he is informed me that system was on updatation. so call after some time.

then I ask to him please transfer my call to senior desk., but he told me the call is not transfer at time b’coz system is on updatation.
Then I ask again but he is not giving me any information And talk with me very Impolite and rudely.
I repeat more times Then He warn me If you not disconnected this call then your number is Closed by me. And after two minutes of hold he told me again ” Your Number is Closed In 30 Minutes”.

then I repeat please transfer my call to senior desk, he put my call on hold for 10Minutes.
After 10 minutes My call was picked by Mr. Rakesh. I repeat all story with him. And HE also answered please call after some time. then I ask Please check, he told me your balance was deducted for Internet Usage, I told him My interne balance is availble on my account arroud 5 MB, so why my main account balance was deducted. Please registerd a complaint about this. He told me Our system was on updatation, so call after some times.

I’m Not satisfied with Reliance customer care agent behavior and his service. Every time I was call on Reliance customer care, agent asked me our system is on updatation, and not giving proper information.

Please registerd my complaint on Reliance Communication, and please Try To Refund My Balance, contact me on my Alternet number 9654099758,as soon as possible.


Navneet Kumar

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