Balance deducted without notice for GPRS usage

Location/place: Bangalore, Karnataka

Name of company/service: Idea Cellular, Karnataka


My Idea Connection number is 7353996264.

Rs.241 has been deducted from the account balance. Upon checking with customer care representative, they have mentioned that this amount has been deducted due to overuasge of GPRS crossing per day limit. But I am astonished that I have taken Rs.98 GPRS Pack which is of 4GB per month. And one more thing there is no where its mentioned that the per day clipping is 136MB. Even in idea cellular official site ([url=]GPRS Prepaid Plans[/url]) its not mentioned. Then why this deduction.

As I was unaware of this clipping, as a service gesture please revert this amount deduction. I will take care in future while using Idea GPRS, or else I’ll be bound to change the operator.

Thanks & Regards,

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