bajaj auto not replacing the product takes no responsibility.

Location/place: new delhi

Name of company/service: bajaj auto

Dear Sir/Madam

I have purchased a sensor for my vehicle Bajaj Pulsar DTSI from one of the shop in the local market.

After taking the sensor to nearby worshop but it didnt worked.

So i took it back to the shopkeeper but he refused to replace it or take it back, he said that once the box is opened he has no responsibility of changing it or sending it back to the company.The company will not replace this product and has never replaced it.

I have suffered a lot and then i purchased a local sensor from other vendor.

Guide me how can i recover the money back and who is responsible for such malpractices in the market as the spare part is of bajaj compnay.

I am attachig the scanned copy of the product and bill for you reference.

Also i have approached customer care and they are not able to help in this regard as they told that the shop is not an authoried dealer of bajaj spare parts sale so they canot take any action.

Give me the solution along with compensation .

Request you to solve this problem at the earliest.

Anita Basera

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