bagskart are taking money of lie

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Bagskart

first time come across a situation where a online company Bagskart made a blunder mistake of putting on their website a Unbeatable Price Guarantee page, As per this page bagskart is offering lowest price on internet and if any other online company is actually giving product less than bagskart then they will give that product free. I could find a website futurebazzar where same price was given at low price the difference is Rs. 150.

while I approached Bagskart people on 15th June they simply generated a request with some reference number and kept me on hold. And they replied me that we will offer you 10% discount and this way price will come down, i simply made them understand in same mail that even if you give 10% discount still the price don’t come to parity and they didn’t reply further and in some of mails they stated same thing about 10% discount.

The product cost on both website is Rs. 950 and bagskart giving 10% discount so it price comes to 855 while future bazzar’s price 950 then 10% discount which makes 855 and on this price also they gave rs. 150 discount so it became Rs. 705. there is clear difference of Rs. 150 . Now Bagskart is not replying . I got call from their some manager Mr. Ankit called and said we are investigating and still no reply has come from Mr. Ankit the manager. They also said me they can offer me more discount, I said its not about me its about everyone who is buying online after reading the unbeatable price policy. Now Bagskart is mute , no replies. I simply have requested to erase that policy which they have put on website about unbeatable price.

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