Bad service & unneccessory charge

Location/place: delhi

Name of company/service: ING Vysya Bank

I am having a saving account in ING Vysya bank, I lost my debit card somewhere and I visited the Preet Vihar branch on 5th of June 2012 for new debit card and met with Mr Gaurav for new card he has asked me for my PAN card IO explain him that I have lost my PAN card as well and I offered him to submit my voter I card or driving license, but he clearly denied that without PAN card they will not issue a new debit card for me. Then I requested him to issue a new debit card on behalf of my voter ID card and form 60 but again he denied very rudely and said has got circular not to issue debit card without PAN card.
After getting very rude reply from Mr Gaurav I gave a request for new debit card in customer care on the same day and they have assured me that I will get a new debit card within next 7 working days.
On 22nd of June I have got a sms from the bank that my card has been returned to bank undelivered after getting this msg on 22nd June again I visited the branch and met with Mr Gaurav and explain him about the sms but instead of resolving my problem he started asking question like why your card has been returned undelivered, I requested him to answer me for the same that why my card has retuned. when I was sitting in front of him he start talking to his friend on the phone and starts ignoring me and left his seat and branch keep talking on the phone. after sitting idle for 30 minute I left the branch without any solution,
After getting worst experience two times I sent a mail to the customer care and cc to nodal officer on 22nd of June they reply that branch has tried to call me but I have not got any call from the branch, after visiting the branch and calling in customer care and sending many mails I did not get my debit card or any reply from the bank.
On 4th of July my account has been debited by Rs.164.63/- for new debit card which I have not received till yet. I gave a request for the reversal for the same on 05/07/2012 and my request number is 00615183, and they assure me that I will get solution in next 24 hours.
After waiting for 4 days I have again called up the customer care and my call was taken by Jyoti and after listening my problem she connected me in conference with Mr Gaurav (Branch Executive ) again he replied in very rude manner (if you have call recording please listen the way he spoke to me) and said we are taking your complaint and you will get the solution next 48 hours and after that I made 2 more calls to customer care and my call was taken by Asha and Praveen they both have assured me that I will get a call back from the bank with appropriate solution but still I waiting for any call or solution.
After getting all this worst experience and spending lots of time I have not got my debit card even bank has charged me for this.
Please guide me how can bank charge me for a new debit card which has not been delivered to me and who is responsible for my time which I am spending on this.

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