Bad Service from Electrolux

Location/place: Gurgaon

Name of company/service: Electrolux

I have ER 600 FF Fridge.

Problem The cooling is not effective ie all items in fridge portion go bad and we have to resort to store minimum basics in the freezer. The freezer is working at the capacity of fridge and even the ice is not forming after keeping ice trays overnight. The fridge was purchased on 29 April 2008.

How Electrolux attended this
Here is the sequence of responses from Electrolux

1. 25 June – 29 June 2012: Initial complaint logged on 25 June 2012 (2506120109). The Engineer who visited advised that fridge is working fine and because of extreme heat, the functioning is not proper and closed the call. It may be noted that this was diagnosed when there was no electricity supply to the fridge and I was advised to wait until weather was better !.
2. 29 June -2 July 2012: Complaint re-logged on 29 June (2906120017). Various engineers visited multiple times and the problem was diagnosed as
a. Very hot weather (same as above)
b. Children’s paper drawings are pinned on the front door of the fridge
c. Gas needs to be refilled
d. Compressor needs to be changed
e. Gas and compressor need to be changed

3. 2nd July The issue was escalated to Mr. Rajiv Narula from the service centre of Electrolux at Gurgaon. The engineer noted all the details to confirm warranty
4. 3rd July Mr. Rajiv confirmed that the compressor will be changed as it is under warranty and I will only have to pay for gas refill. This was ok with me as long as the repair was done at my place as I cannot afford to send the fridge for a couple of days and Electrolux was neither able to provide any stand by on their or my cost.
5. 7 July Finally Mr. Rajiv confirmed the repair will be undertaken at my residence by 9 July Monday.
6. 9-14 July I spend 1 week trying to reach Mr. Rajiv. No response.
7. 16 July I spent the day reaching out for some senior service manager at Electrolux toll free # to be repeatedly told that either the managers are busy or “having food”. I was also told that Electrolux Gurgaon has closed the call. No resolution was noted.

Miraculously, I got thru to Mr. Rajiv and he has requested me to re-log the complaint which I did today (1607120130) against which compressor will be ordered as replacement .

What I want is
1- Correct problem to be diagnosed (even after 20 days , no one is sure whether it is a compressor problem)
2- How soon will rectification be done.
3- How and when does any senior service manager at Electrolux intervene.

Can someone senior look into this and respond on priority.

Dipika Naithani
[email protected]

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